July 2015

Flavours of lamb from the Middle Eastern kitchen

Among the many immigrants to South Africa, The Lebanese community became an important pillar to our national diversity, adding a delicious component to our rainbow cuisine. Although many of the dishes may not be common place on the dinner table,  most of us are aware of pita breads, hummous and kafta kebabs. Lamb and goat are the cornerstones of Middle Eastern cuisine.

For this unique lunch, we will use these ancient cooking techniques to showcase the fantastic flavour of Wickedfood Earth farmed indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, descendants of the fat-tailed Persian sheep. True country cooking at its very best.


The banquet, a true Middle Eastern feast - including an insightful talk about ethically raised indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, why their meat is superior, and the secrets on how we at Wickedfood Earth Farm get the best out of cooking with it. All recipes used are authentic, handed down to Cilla from her  Grandmother, A Lebanese emergent.
  • Starter -  A wide selection of mezza, all grown on Wickedfood Earth Farm including the chickpeas, sesame seeds for the tahini, and eggplant. The highlight will be Lebanon’s national dish, kibbe, a raw, spiced lamb similar to tartare;
  • First course Shish barak, lamb filled pasta in a warm yoghurt sauce, a favourite at Lebanese banquets;
  • Main course - Roast lamb platter, with different cuts of lamb and roast winter vegetables;
  • Dessert – Baklava.

WhereWickedfood Earth Farm, Hekpoort, ±70km from Fourways;
WhenSunday 23 August
at 12:00;
To book
contact Cilla – 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za
PriceBooking essential, limited space, R295pp.

July 16, 2015
Flavours of lamb from the Middle Eastern kitchen

Venison a taste of tradition


In South Africa we have fantastic ethically harvested venison. In our area a wide variety of antelope have been re-introduced.  At this lunch we showcase the best of venison. We take traditional South African recipes and give them a facelift, from our popular air dried carpaccio and mini venison pies, to perfectly cooked venison roast, two ways, with all the trimmings, and of course a sticky winter pudding.


Venison – a taste of tradition – including an insightful talk about ethically raised and harvested venison and secrets on how we at Wickedfood Earth Farm get the best out of cooking with it .
  • StarterWickedfood Earth Artisanal air dried venison carpaccio and shaved root vegetables;
  • First course -  venison boerewors and mash – our interpretation of a classic theme;
  • Soup – a clear venison soup with marrow dumplings;
  • Main course - venison pie, perfectly cooked venison roast two ways, and roast winter vegetables;
  • Dessert – Hearty winter pudding surprise.

WhereWickedfood Earth Farm, Hekpoort, ±70km from Fourways.
Monday 10 August at 12:00
To book
contact Cilla – 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za
PriceBooking essential, limited space, R295pp.

July 16, 2015
Venison a taste of tradition

Newsletter July 2015

We are now in our second month for our Meat Box, thanks to all of you for your support. We were overwhelmed by the number of orders,  so please get your order in early for the next box to avoid disappointment – orders close next Wednesday 15 July, with collection at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill on Saturday 18 July, or at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort at a convenient time for you. See below for details, or click here to receive an order form

On the first Saturday of July, Wickedfood Earth Farm products were sold for the first time at the monthly Pretoria Banting Market at the National Botanical gardens. Our products were very well received, and as from August we will also be dropping off Meat Box orders at this market for all our Pretoria clients.

Sale of produce

Our meat has no MSG, and is liquid smoke, nitrate & nitrite, gluten and cereal free, and is therefore banting friendly.

This month’s meat box – R650:

A selection of truly unique meats from ethically raised animals. We flash freeze and vacuum seal all our meat to lock in freshness at its peak. Click here to receive an order form.

  • 1 x Pork belly – ± 1kg per pack – see recipe;
  • 2 x brined & smoked pork hock – great for winter soups;
  • 3 x 500g sausage – venison boerewors, spicy pork (chourizo) and Italian style sausage;
  • 1 x 300g thin chicken and sun-dried tomato sausage;
  • 1 bottle pork rillettes – slow cooked, shredded belly;
  • 2 x hot smoked bacon – 1 x loin, 1 x belly;
  • 2 x 100g packs sliced cured meats -  coppa (cured pork neck) and pancetta;
  • 1 x cured venison carpaccio – 50g
  • 1 x Carbanossi sticks – spiced thin pork salamis ±130g
  • 1 x 80g pack sliced salami;
  • 1 x pack droewors + 1 pack biltong.

Regular orders

For those who want to make up their own order, we also offer the opportunity of making up a custom order from our list of available products, which we will also drop off on Saturday 18 July to Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill.


 About Wickedfood Earth

Over the last 5 years Mike and Cilla have developed the farm along permaculture principles. Wickedfood Earth has extensive herb and vegetable gardens, a large fruit and berry orchard, and stocks a variety of livestock, including a small heard of indigenous Pedi sheep, a veld-raised drove of pigs, cattle, chickens and geese.

We are doing ongoing research on different pig breeds and free-range pig farming. Our animals are naturally veld-raised in small groups in large camps, which ensures that we are able to produce happy, healthy, flavourful meat. All of our animals are raised free of antibiotics, growth promotants or animal bi-products. This ensures a healthy, consistent product year round.

Our community upliftment training project gives back to the community in the form of skills training. To date over 200 students have benefited from our various programs.

Specialist Functions

Wickedfood Earth also encompasses a fully-fitted teaching kitchen and lecture room, where we are able to organize specialist events. It is through these events that we raise funds for the on-going research and our education programmes. For more information on our extensive corporate, group and individual programmes click here ….

For more information contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za


July 9, 2015
Newsletter July 2015