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We are a small scale sustainable farm and artisanal producer selling off small quantities of excess produce. We sell a wide variety of produce grown and produced at Wickedfood Earth Farm. All produce must be pre-ordered  at least 7 days in advance for collection, by prior arrangement, at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill , or at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort. We also offer Wickedfood Earth Farm produce for sale to those who attend our various workshops and those who book for our  Sunday Lunches.

We produce a variety of delicious fresh and cured pork cuts, bottled fruit and vegetables, including jams, whole fruit preserves and chutneys, and fresh seasonal vegetables, including our naturally grown garlic and seasonal fresh fruit. Click here for our on-line shop ...

Ordering on-line is simple:

  • Click here  - to go to the online shop page.
  • Scroll through the product categories and choose the products you wish to order.
  • Add them to your shopping cart. As you add them a running balance will appear on the top right of the page. To go to different categories, go to products on the top left on the page.
  • Once you have finished shopping, click the cart icon on the top right. You will go to your cart page where you have the opportunity to change your order if necessary.
  • Proceed to checkout (bottom right of the page) -  for your own security you need to fill in certain details (not necessary if you want to do an EFT).
  • Place order  (bottom right of the screen) – you have the choice here of either paying by credit card or EFT.

It’s as simple as that. We will receive your order and contact you and make arrangements with you for collection at either  Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill , or at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort.

All our products are:

- Farm made using traditional recipes and artisanal techniques;
- Pesticide free;
- Organically grown;

All our meat products are:

- Veld reared and finished;
- Growth-hormone and antibiotic free;
- No animal or fish bi-products in the feed;
- Cereal and gluten free;
- Nitrite/nitrate free;

We have prepared a variety of delicious fresh and cured pork from our renowned sliced smoked ham, coppa and hot smoked bacon, to our all-pork sausage and boerewors – Italian style, breakfast, plain pork, venison and chourizo, and a selection of fresh pork cuts. We flash freeze and vacuum seal all our meat to lock in freshness at its peak. Click here  to order …

Regular items:

  • Fresh frozen pork chops -  2 per ±300g to 400g packs @ R30-R40 per pack;
  • Cured meats  – coppa 100g packs at R40 each;
  • Hot smoked sliced cooked ham – 200g vacuum packs @ R40 each, great for salads or on sandwiches;
  • Cold smoked bacon – 200g vacuum packs of belly and loin bacon @ R40 each and 65g bacon cubes @ R15 each;
  • Salami – Matured slowly for a minimum of 6 weeks in our drying fridges to concentrate the fabulous flavour of our veld raised pork. New product – ±1kg whole salamis R180 each, ±500g half salami vacuum packed R120 each, 200g vacuum packed sliced R40 each.
  • Pulled pork – ideal for casual no-fuss entertaining, each 500g pack is enough for 6 pulled pork gourmet rolls, just heat through and serve, R60 per pack;
  • Our famous pork sausage – thin pure pork breakfast sausage 300g packs @ R35,  chourizo (raw and hot smoked),  Italian style and spicy peach pork sausage, and plain pure pork boerewors  – 500g packs @ R50 each;
  • New season venison boerewors – 500g packs @ R60 each;
  • Preserves, jams, relishes and bottled fruit, all hand made from Wickedfood Earth Farm fruit and vegetables. New in the range includes:
    • Pomegranate molasses – syrupy and rich, tangy and a little musky with a depth of flavour, great for salad dressing;
    • Roasted red pepper, chilli and eggplant relish – made by roasting the vegetable skin which gives a the relish a sweet, tangy smokiness, great for dips, or to give extra depth to a dish.
    • Spicy Curried Aubergine Relish – a delicious blend of sliced aubergine (eggplant) cooked in a classic sweet/sour curry base, with notes of curry leaf, ginger and cumin.  Great as a dip on a mezze platter, or served on the side with grilled fish, or roast meats.
    • Peach BBQ sauce – A tangy sweet / sour peach sauce, great as a marinade for pork or chicken, or as  a sauce on pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers. A few spoonfuls added to gravy or curry adds a whole new fruity dimension;
    • Curry Peach Relish – Delicious served on the side for a cheese board, with curries, on burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs and fish. Fold into chicken mayo, rice, pasta or potato salad for a fruity curry dimension.
    • Tomato Puree – Great standby, from pasta sauces, to rich meaty stews, our naturally grown tomatoes bottled at their best.

And a lot more – click here to order.


Support local ethical small-scale farmers

As an added bonus, by supporting us, you are supporting a vital segment of the agricultural industry, a segment that is always forgotten – passionate, ethical, small-scale farmers and artisanal producers. We receive no government support, incentives, or drought relief. We rely solely on your generous support to continue following our passion of producing food following the Slow Food ethos of good, clean and fair.


 Please note that you need to pre-order products.

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For more information, e-mail us at • 060 761-0885


What people are saying about the market

  • “What a fabulous morning, thank you! …  Your spring onion confit …. Yummy, fanfrikkintabulous! …”
  • “Thank you for a wonderful morning at the market, I am sure you will go from strength to strength. Had the chicken for dinner last night and it was very good.  Leeks were delicious as well. The biggest pleasure is to fill my pantry with local farm produce.”
  • “Just to say congratulations on the first market day – I’m not sure from a financial point of view, but from a community/social point of view I think it went very well. I certainly hope to see it grow. Well done.”

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